Tuesday, August 12, 2014



After realizing that being a lady was all about being virtuous, my first thought was:

"Which virtue is the most important for a woman to practice?"  

Once I really sat down and thought it through, the answer seemed obvious.  

The first sin of womankind was an act of pride.  She desired to be something more than she was, and as a result of her sin, she pulled the whole human race into abject misery, pain, and desolation.  Thus, it would seem that the opposite virtue, humility, is the primary virtue which women must learn to practice first and above all others.

Now, our present age is a very evil one.  So, it makes sense that every essence of our culture attempts to instill pride in the race of women, when it knows that this is the worst thing for the world.  For a woman to be humble is a tremendous battle, but surely its ends are high and noble.  In fact, it is only once a woman begins to grow in humility that she can start to work on other virtues and make much progress with them.

At this point I always find myself asking, "So we know what the primary problem is, but what can we do about it?"  So, I have decided to write out a few steps, which may help us women to become more humble, and crush our terrible pride. 

1. I find that contemplating on the fact, that my life and eternity depends on my growing in humility, helps me to take my struggles more seriously.

2. Remembering that women were originally created to be of help and support to others, keeps in my mind that my whole life should be one of servitude to all of my superiors and fellow men.  I should never contemplate, even for an instant, that I deserve to be served rather than to serve.  For such is why God has created me and I shall never find peace, happiness, or joy except by accomplishing His Will.

3. I should never complain of my lot in life.  Womankind deserved to be abolished from the face of the earth after her sin of pride against God.  Anything I suffer, I more than merit, as punishment and atonement for my pride and those of my kind.  I should be grateful that I was allowed to exist and serve mankind, who was created in the image and likeness of God.  What an honor this should be to me!

4. I should never argue with others, especially not my superiors (even if I think that my understanding might surpass them or that I know a better way for something to be done).  I should not try to do anything beyond my capabilities, but only do what I am told or what is wished of me.  If my help or advice is wanted, it will be asked for.  It is pride that makes one suggest advice when it is not wanted, and likewise attempt great feats that no one has asked for or are not needed.  Such actions cause much more harm than good, even though they are often done with the best of intentions.

It now seems fitting to mention the repercussions and rewards of growing in humility.

1. Once a person begins to grow in humility; all of the other virtues begin to fall into place, and one is more likely to obtain eternal peace and happiness.

2. A humble woman will not expect to be noticed or respected, because she knows that she does not deserve it. So, she will not find her time consumed with trying to please others.   

3. Such a woman will think it normal to be mistreated and ill-thought of, and she will therefore be all the more grateful for every kind act shown to her.

4. When a woman keeps her opinion to herself and waits to be asked to help, people are much more inclined to go to her for assistance and advice.
May God help us all to grow into the kind of person whom He created and desires us to be, so that we may one day be with Him forever in the celestial realms of paradise!


  1. This article has been very helpful to me. Thank you for it and your website. It's refreshing to see such decency on the internet. God bless you.

  2. Hi Anon,

    I am glad to hear that this article has helped you! I wish more people would start sites like this for me to also read from...

    Keep fighting the good fight and may God bless you!