Saturday, May 23, 2015



When my paternal grandmother died she left a couple cookbooks to my father, and when I was about sixteen or so he passed them on to me.  On of the books always makes me laugh when I look at the title cover, for it reads: "Kissing Wears Out - Cookin' Dont't!"

I have never actually made anything from this recipe book, but there is one "recipe" which always stood out for me.  It was more like part of the prologue, but made many good points about the effect a wife has on her husband in a rather amusing way.  I found it enlightening, funny and thought that others might benefit from reading it also.  So, here it is!  Enjoy!


“From my great-grandmother’s Virginia Recipe-book.”

“Be careful of your selection!  Do not choose too young.  When once selected, give your entire thought to preparation for home use.  Some insist on keeping them in a pickle, others are constantly getting them in hot water.  This makes them sour, hard and sometimes bitter.  Even poor varieties may be made sweet, tender and good by garnishing them with patience, well-sweetened with love, and seasoned with spice.  Wrap them in a mantle of charity.  Keep warm with a steady fire of domestic indulgence and serve with humor and cream.  Thus prepared, they will keep for years!”

-Mrs. Howard Lewis 

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