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I received a response from a lady in regards to my most recent post on Human Respect. She found it very appropriate that I had written it on Saint Valentine's Day. The funny thing is, I did not even realize this when I composed the article!  Yet, nothing happens by mistake, and I have taken this as a sign that I should write something more in detail of how to tell if one's love for others is true.

Most people in today’s day and age think that love is based on a person's reaction to a feeling of affection.  Yet, real love could actually be described as the very opposite! One way of defining it is to say that: 

True love is when a person chooses to ignore his own feelings and acts according to the will of God and for the greater good of all involved.  

Whether these be feelings of dislike for someone we should be kind to, affection for someone we should avoid, or fear of being around someone or something which is good for us… We should pray to God for help and understanding and then answer every situation with this question before doing anything: 

What is best thing for my soul and that of those involved?

Here are some examples to consider:

-1- When people show up at work who frustrate us and get on our nerves, we ought to smile and be extra kind to them to make up for the feelings of dislike we feel for them inside of us.

-2- When another person tries to argue with us and we feel like getting angry, we should remember to be extra patient with them.

-3- When placed in a situation where someone starts to drag us down a wrong path and lead us astray from good morality, virtue, or God; even if we like them a lot, we should avoid them lest they cause us to lose our soul.

-4- When we start to feel disconnected to prayer, or abandoned by God; we should still continue to receive the Sacraments and not let go of our daily prayers - regardless of our feeling a lack of devotion in our souls.

-5- When we feel afraid of doing what God wants of us; we ought to ignore this inner nervousness, pray for help from God to know what is right, pray for strength to make do the right thing and then push bravely forward.
Yes, it is a hard goal to accomplish, yet every ounce of effort you put into conquering your feelings will be ever so worth it!  Proverbs in Chapter 16, verse 22 says:

“The patient man is better than the valiant: and he that ruleth his spirit than he that taketh cities.” 

If you want to make something of yourself, ask God for His help to conquer yourself first!  A person will never be happy as long as they act only according to their emotions, rather than right reason, but if they learn to make decisions for the right reasons nothing will make them sad! 

So, I entreat all of you who may read this:  Whenever faced with a situation where you don't feel like doing something, question your motives and ask yourselves, "What is God's Will and what is for the greater good?"  Then, pray for God to open your heart to do what He wants, think only of Him and what is best for everyone's souls, and you will much more likely make the right decision.  This is the only way to find true love, peace and joy, and this is the grace I wish for you.



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