Monday, August 11, 2014


For many years now, I have attempted to become more of a lady.  

Originally, I was just about as much of a "Tom-Boy" as a girl could be.  

In fact, I remember that I often used to ask myself and those around me, "Oh, why do I have to be a girl?"  I blended in with all of society, and no-one would really have said that I was very different from anyone in our time.  I commonly wore pants, shorts, nearly sleeveless shirts, etc.  I took part in sports, and it was my goal to be stronger and tougher than anyone my age.  

All of this I did in the hope to prove that women were not as weak and stupid as men liked to make us out to be. 

Yet, all of that changed the day that I met and became friends with a number of women and girls who wore dresses and acted refined and chivalrous without being silly or frivolous.  

At first I did not know what to make of them and I think that I would have laughed if anyone had told me then that I would one day dare to try and become a lady myself.  

Yet, time changes things, and from these people I learned that it actually takes a lot of strength to be a lady, and that it was an end worth fighting for!  

I found myself very awed by these people, as I saw in them great goodness and benevolence.   

I began to want nothing more than anything; to be like them and be a part of their unique world.  Being around them affected me a great deal.  Thus, over time I started to wear skirts and attire more appropriate for women, and with each step of changing my outward presentation I told myself, now I am almost a lady.  

Yet, I always fell short of the truth and never seemed to quite be happy with myself. 

Then one day it dawned upon me that perhaps I was missing what the essence of what a true lady really was: That to be a lady was more about internal qualities than external appearances.

After a long time, I found the answer which I had so long sought, after a much time in prayer, thought, and research: 

A true lady is she who excels in every virtue without being noticed.  

Surely, it is a lot to ask of anyone; to be good at everything without doing it in a way that anyone will notice what you are or what you do.  

Yet, the rewards of living such a life are endless, and well-worth all efforts made to obtain this goal.  

This is the quest I desire to live for and accomplish, and I am sure that there are many others out there trying to do the same.  

Of course, I do not claim to be any great expert, but it is my hope that some of those who have been searching for the same answers might find my site and that this little article may save them some time and trouble.


  1. This is a beautiful site. Very pleasing to the eyes. One of the more attractive blogs I have seen. Icing on the cake to the sound writing. Please keep up the good work. Many women and men need to hear this.

  2. Thank you for the encouragement, John. I will certainly try to continue. Please pray that God will work through me to touch the hearts of many others. :-)

  3. Thank you for your blogs, Senorita Rita. It is just about easier to find chooks teeth than to find true ladies these days; ladies that by their virtuous life inspire us men to strive for virtue also; who inspire us to be more gentlemanly like; who inspire us to become Saints. Ladies/women have a powerful influence on men, either for good or for evil....
    May Our Lady protect and guide you always.

  4. Hi Matt,

    All that you have written is very true...

    That is why I am very grateful to God for all the good people He has brought into my life to be a good example to me and help me on the quest for the salvation of my soul.

    Keep fighting and may God bless you!

    In the hearts of Jesus and Mary,