Friday, August 28, 2015



As a child I always loved hearing stories of saints and superheroes.

Sometimes I would ask myself, "Why do I love these stories so much?"

The reason was that they gave me something to look up to.

They made me want to become a better person, and be of help and assistance to others.

On top of this, these people all achieved what most of us would deem impossible, and I was awestruck by this great phenomenon.


One day, almost as if I was hit by lightning, I came to realize something which made me sit back in both shock and puzzlement.

In a sort of similar way that I in my childhood grew up inspiring to be like my saints and superheroes, there were a number of children and other people who looked up to me in the that way!

Being confused I shook my head and asked myself, "Why in the world in this happening?  It is not like I am anything special..."

And that was just the thing...

It was specifically because I was not very special that people were amazed when I accomplished anything worthwhile.


First, I am the choir director of our chapel.  I never went to college for music.  In fact, I hardly know the very basics of music theory!  Yet, through me, God has made our choir come together in such a way that everyone has been edified and their minds and heart elevated towards God.  People ask me how it is that I know how to lead the choir so well, and I answer them that I am not actually sure.  This in turn leaves them amazed and awestruck all the more.

Second, I make most of my clothes.  I was never really taught how to sew, and yes, I have made many terrible mistakes at times.  Yet, it has gotten to the point where the majority of people who see what I wear can not tell whether I buy my clothes or made them.  By all manner of human reasoning, I really shouldn't be able to do this at all, and it amazes people when they hear it.

Third, I have been put into many situations that would seem to be impossible to accomplish, overcome, or tolerate.  People hear stories of my life, and seem quite astonished that I am was able to accomplish so many incredible things or live through what I have.  In fact, I too am amazed, and never fully understood how this was at all possible until this past summer.


I have just finished reading a great book, which I would recommend that everyone read.  It is called, Humility of Heart, and is written by Fr. Cajetan Mary da Bergamo.

What I have learned from this little book is that we are all God's tools, and when we trust everything into God's hands through humility; we can really accomplish things that seem truly incredible.  

People might be amazed by what we do, especially when we have no reason to be strong, able, or qualified.  

They might question themselves as to how we are walking prodigies that they simply can not comprehend.

We might even ask these questions of ourselves.

Yet, if we only let God work through us properly, try to always grow in virtue, and humbly submit to His will in all things; we will learn that we can truly achieve the impossible and be the inspiration to others which we would wish to have for ourselves.

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