Friday, July 3, 2015


I have a dreadful fear of attending weddings.

I believe that this is primarily due to the fact that most of the weddings I have been to were typical modern ones.  

It is not that I think a wedding should be old-fashioned per say, but I certainly think that they can and perhaps should be different what is now considered the norm.

Usually an exorbitant amount of time, effort, and money is put into the preparations.

The music played during the ceremony is quite worldly; and that which is at the reception is often crude and sometimes even improper.

The outfits are generally immodest in at least one way or another, etc. etc. etc…

At first I thought that my apathy for typical modern weddings was my just my being unsympathetic with those around me and that I needed to try and put more effort into being happy with what everyone else seems to be delighted with.

Yet, over time I have come to realize that the primary reason why I don’t like going to weddings, is because the highlight of the day is usually focused more on “feeling good” and “having a good time” than reflecting on God’s laws, serving Him properly, and taking the vows of Holy Matrimony seriously.

I don’t think that it is wrong to have a celebration, nor that it is wrong to prepare for it accordingly. Yet when the arrangements and party afterwards replace the importance of this holy Sacrament; then it is certainly time to step back and consider what is going on.

Most people tend to think only of themselves when they get married.  God is there for the first part of their marriage and then He is thrown out of the window.  This often all begins when they forget Him as they leave the church and head out for the party afterwards.

How many of people who have such weddings would not be horrified if Our Blessed Lord actually appeared as a guest at their reception?

Yet, many people hardly think of any of this until their wedding is long past.

So, for those who are not married, and are considering it, I have put together a list of questions which I believe are the key factors in helping a True Catholic wedding and the reception following to be what they ought to be:

1-What would we do if Our Lord was the primary guest of honor at our wedding and reception?

2-How would we act?

3-How would we dress?

4-What sort of music would we play?

5-What would our primary sources of entertainment consist of?

For those getting married in the near future, let them ask themselves these questions before they decide on the details of their wedding and reception to follow. Also let them pray to God to help them do what He would wish, and then do their best to do what they think would please Him. 

This will make a couple much more certain of having a blessed wedding and a happy lasting marriage in their life to follow.  And who would not everyone want that for themselves, their children and their friends?

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