Friday, February 13, 2015



I have found that one my greatest faults, as a woman, is the tendency to overstep myself.

In the fear to appear weak, I have often rejected the help and kind gestures of many people when I could have benefited from their aid and support.  What terrible sorrow and regret fills my heart at the memory of how many people have been hurt by my pride and desire to be the best at everything and submit to no-one!  A true lady is certainly the opposite, never seeks to stand out, and certainly never rejects the assistance of others.

Not only do I have the inclination to refuse help, but I also have the problem of not wanting to admit when I am wrong.  If I hold a position on something, I tend to fight for it unto the end.  Yet, a lady should not be like this -even if she may be right!  Arguing only creates trouble for oneself, one's friends and one's family.  It has taken me a long time to realize it, but people are more ready and willing to listen to what one (especially if it is a woman) has to say if they speak about it calmly.

There are also other things, as a matter of the order in which God created us, that tend to fall more to the place of men, and certain things more to women.  Yet, I still seem to have trouble fulfilling my side rather than theirs.  I must learn to be submissive to what my duties are and not try to fulfill those which belong to men.  For example:

1.  Men are generally meant to lead and women to support.

2.  Men to shine in society and women to shine in the heart of the home.

3.  Men to be strong and women compassionate.

4.  Men to be independent and women assistants.

5. Men to be more forward and women more meek.

Now, all of my past conclusions and thoughts may be good points, but they are mere trifles next to the most important step in docility which is in regards to ones parents, superiors, and God.  

We ought never to question the orders of our those in authority above us, unless it is that they ask us to commit sin.  We ought never to complain of their guidance and commands, but act quickly and do as we are told without mumbling.  Yet, I have found that I tend to do this all the time without hardly even realizing it!

It may take a lot of time for me to make much progress in this area, but I hope and pray that through patience and the grace of God I may before too many years of my life have passed away.

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