Wednesday, June 3, 2015


Whether we like it or human beings we are weak.

We may have the determination to overcome all obstacles in our path, and pass through the highest strains of physical exertion.  

Yet, eventually, no matter who we are, or how hard we try, we will eventually find ourselves limited.

Many of us, when we realize our lack of ability to proceed further in something, or realize that we are weak, are inclined to despair and want to give up fighting.

For some people this is because they are not able to lead the life they want. 

For others it is because they are not able to reach the physical stability they wish for.  

A number of us feel like this when we are not able to perform all of our jobs without making constant mistakes, or when our house is not able to be kept spotless.  

There are even those of us who, when attempting to grow in holiness; find ourselves limited and not obtaining the heights of sanctity which we wish we would and feel like we will never make much progress in becoming closer to God.

No matter what the case may be, we ought not to let our hearts be troubled. 

Even Our Blessed Lord and His Mother were weak and tired at different times that they walked the earth!

Even they were obliged to eat to sustain themselves!

And even the saints were limited as to how much good they could do for themselves and others, and yet they were favorites of God!  

Who are we to think that we might be stronger or more proficient than they were?

Therefore, whenever we find ourselves at the point where we are too exhausted to go on; let us say:

The Spirit is willing but the flesh is weak...

Lord sustain me and give me the necessary strength to do what I ought, and I shall leave all else in Thy Hands.  

Thou knowest how much strength I need for every particular job; supply me where I am lacking.  

Help me to face my fears, and accept Thy will in everything.

Help me to do my best, and when I am too weak; I shall submit my weakness into Thy Hands.

Now, it is a common saying of the saints that:

"Saying once 'Blessed be God!' in a time of inner turmoil or temptation is rewarded by many more graces than saying a thousand times "Blessed be God' during a time of inner peace."

Let us try to remember this when we are suffering, and use such opportunities to obtain graces for ourselves and others.

Living a good life is not easy.  The path is strewn with many difficulties which we must live through and conquer.  Yet, the reward of overcoming all the crosses given to us is the eternal happiness of heaven.  And surely, to obtain such a great blessing is worth anything that we may have to suffer here on earth!

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