Tuesday, October 13, 2015


People can often be very emotional. 

We start to think too much and get over-worried about the tiniest little things. 

We get anxious about doing everything perfectly. 

The slightest unkindness from another person makes us terribly depressed.

And we even make monsters of those who, in fact, love us the most!

This is caused by emotional weakness, which the devil tries to use against us to make us feel irritable, unappreciated, and then act wrongly.

Women, most especially, have a hard time ignoring how they feel, and so we are more susceptible in this area. 

And the worst part it is that most of us do not even realize that we are suffering from this affliction!

I think that it would benefit all of us to sit back and consider from time to time whether we act upon our emotions rather than right reason.

For not being in control of how we feel can easily become very dangerous to our souls, if not fought against, and can result in our leaving the road to heaven. 

Therefore, as soon as we realize that we are inwardly struggling with our emotions and feel ourselves caving into them; we must try to fight back against them, with the help of God's grace and His Divine Providence. 

Here are some things which I have found that help me at times when I am a nervous wreck:

-1- First, and most important of all, I instantly turn my heart and soul to God, the saints and the angels, asking them to help and assist me in my struggles.

-2- Then, I try to find little things to cheer me up.  This often consists of visiting good friends, playing with animals, smelling flowers, walking in a park, reading jokes, or just finding a good reason to laugh.

-3- If this does not work, I try to impress upon my mind that I am really making things out to be worse than they really are. 

-4- I also try consider how I need to think more of those around me and how my bad atmosphere may affect them.  My bad attitude to life may make their lives more miserable; yet, being in a cheerful mood will help others to be happy also.

-5- Finally, as a last resort, I talk to someone about my worries.  Now the funny thing is that, immediately after I have said everything out loud to them, I usually start to realize just how much I am overreacting about everything!


Fighting anxiety and uneasiness is not a battle which is won in a day, and it can only be done through prayer, penance, patience and complete confidence in the will of God.  Yet, if we do overcome it; we will become strong soldiers in the fight for the Faith and it will lead us far away from the lives of sin and error which we might otherwise embrace.  So, for those of us who are by nature very anxious and sensitive, let us make it our goal to learn to control our emotions when we are stressed.  This will become a great means to help us save our souls!


  1. Thank you! How did you know I needed this today? Great advice!

  2. I am glad to hear it helped!

    I myself have been struggling with this a lot recently.

    God bless you, Melissa, and keep fighting! :-)